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Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger.ect

This is really well done!
The animation is great as is the art and the song is well written and well preformed.
And the ending just completely destroyed another bit of my childhood...
Anyway this is great I love it.

Dose anyone else notise that tords voice changes within the senes and the first half isent even a norwegan acsent?

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I really like this game all together.
The enemies are surprisingly challenging, Also, it looks like super Mario but has more of a doom kind of feel.
The music is mysterious and creepy, but oddly compelling. Ya know to keep playing kinda like Luigi's mansion.
But anyway I'm done typing, your done reading and I made too many Nintendo references.

Oh man that was awesome!
I'm a Feakin girl and I think that this is the best weird Japanisy type thing since panty and stocking!
Fun, Wired and very, very Jigly.
I never toughed that memory card games could be fun!
Anyway great game!

bnpla responds:

thanks a lot for the possitive comment!

I love this game it fun creative and oddly makes me happy.
It fun to just creep out the guests instead of scarring them.
But I think that the game is a bit hard at the start because of the very few scary bit you can preform and it is hart to follow 1 person around to scare them out with 29 others in the way.
But then that its fun, challenging and creative.
Best regards,
Hattsan Miku

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I love the ''It sucks to be weegee'' comics.
They're funny and well arted (cuz arted is a word).
Weegee is my favorite but it always sucks to be Player 2 anywhere.
Anyways I love this,
Chef Boyardee

I love this one its so well done its strange surely but I like that.

I love the black and white style of it all.
The character and the guitar are well done but even though I like the wings I think they are a little wonky.
But over all this is great and artistic.

Ghost21b responds:

thanks :). forgot i even had this pic lol. and i agree the wings are wonky lol but unfortunately it was done in pen and i couldn't erase though then again im normally to lazy to fix it lol

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