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Snufalufagus's News

Posted by Snufalufagus - November 18th, 2013

Ok I am really bad at keeping commitments. I want to do this but between school, house work, my crappie animations and my social life I cant find time. Okay today I will post a comment on at lest 1 art, 1 game and 1 film. Cool? Cool.

Posted by Snufalufagus - September 6th, 2013

Wow I have not done a revue in forever now.
I was really busy over the summer so that's good that I didn't spend my summer on Newgrounds.
But I really want to cache up with my revue board so I'm starting bake up with it!

For art I say you shoed cheek out Ghost2ib and MocaNico they both rally deserve more fans then they have!

Posted by Snufalufagus - August 2nd, 2013

So I've decided to start a serious game, art and movie revue board!!!
Since I'm new I don't expected much in the way of " People find this revue helpful'' but I would really like it if anyone out there would comment on my blog entry's and find my revues helpful.
My revues will mostly be on games because my little sister who is to young to play but always watches me play new grounds cant see the videos and photos I'll be revuing but she will be a big help on what games I should play based on there title.

So please help me out by not hating 'n' trolling and commenting on my posts and finding revues helpful.
And don't say ''You don't know any thing about animating get off new grounds!!!!''
Because I do I have 3 animations that are not in flash so there not on new grounds.

Wish me luck -Snfalufagus