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I really like this game all together.
The enemies are surprisingly challenging, Also, it looks like super Mario but has more of a doom kind of feel.
The music is mysterious and creepy, but oddly compelling. Ya know to keep playing kinda like Luigi's mansion.
But anyway I'm done typing, your done reading and I made too many Nintendo references.

Oh man that was awesome!
I'm a Feakin girl and I think that this is the best weird Japanisy type thing since panty and stocking!
Fun, Wired and very, very Jigly.
I never toughed that memory card games could be fun!
Anyway great game!

bnpla responds:

thanks a lot for the possitive comment!

I love this game it fun creative and oddly makes me happy.
It fun to just creep out the guests instead of scarring them.
But I think that the game is a bit hard at the start because of the very few scary bit you can preform and it is hart to follow 1 person around to scare them out with 29 others in the way.
But then that its fun, challenging and creative.
Best regards,
Hattsan Miku

This is addictive I cant stop playing.
Its fun Its creative, gory, and provides a huge challenge.
The challenge is what I need to over come.
Anyway simply addictive, the art is great and its the kind of challenge that I haven't seen well done in...well ever.
I don't care that its older I'm gona say it, keep up the good work.
Best regards,
Oscar the grouch.

Man I cant eat all the cake. (Is the cake a lie?)
My fingers are just smashing into the key board.
I've been going at it for literally half an hour it so fun and addictive.
I'm gona play all night now so I'm gona need some bonk.

ecopipe responds:

Haha! It's awesome to hear, that you like it so much. The cake may or may not be a lie. It's up to you to find that out.

Oh man this game is great!
It seems so simple when you start and then it becomes so fun you cant stop playing.
It is so funny and well put together that all of my stars belong to you and now I must go unlock ALL the achievements.
I'm hoping to see even more like this cuz I prefer this one to the second.

Your pal Strong bad

This game was even better then the first!
It was full of secrets, you can never guest what will happen next and it left me on a huge cliffhanger.
An last time it left me wondering about ''Little Timmy can sleep with out his plushy tiger'' But now it has been resolved.
I cant wait for the finally I bet it will be called ''Deepest sleep''.

I enjoy this game.
It provides a challenge I have not personally seen in a long time.
I really like the intro to the game short and to the point.
I wood suggest you to make more games but deferent for these kinds of game.

JokerDenFromMR responds:

Oh thanks! Suddenly I don't have a lot time for making all games I want.

This game is interesting in a good way.
It is a fun game but it need more songs.
If It had more song you'd get the extra star but this game is fun so you get 4 stars.
Hope for more additions to the game but until the ill stick will playing the 2 you have!

:) Great game super fun!

darinhe responds:

Im glad that you like it! Ill try to add more songs in the future! regards

This is a fantastic game it provides a serious challenge and is simply addictive.
The animation is great and surpasses my animations by a long shot!!!
Even though every one of the main characters has flaws they really grow on you.
The plot is genius and the battles are challenging and very well thought out!
I really hope to see many more games from you!

:) Fantastic game I love it!

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